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Do you watch wrestling show?
Who is your favourite?John Cena?Triple H?The Miz?Undertaker?Kane? Or The Rock?(or any other,perhaps?)

I started to watch wrestling when I was 8. At that time,my father bought a CD (1991 Battle Royal in Royal Albert Hall,London), and together we watched it. That was my first time watching wrestling show. I suddenly took a liking to British Bulldog (Davey Boy Smith), because of his strength, attitude, and not to mention his theme song appealed to me. He won the Battle Royal by eliminating Typhoon in 1991. That was the first time I saw him (on television).
British Bulldog
Davey Boy Smith (November 27, 1962 – May 18, 2002) was a British professional wrestler, better known as "The British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith, who was born in Golborne in North West England, United Kingdom. Smith is known for his appearances with Stampede Wrestling, the World Wrestling Federation and World Championship Wrestling. Described by WWE as "one of the most physically impressive individuals in WWE history", Smith found success as both a singles and tag competitor, holding every major title in the organization except the WWF Championship. (source: wikipedia)

   Finishing moves
       - Running powerslam

    Signature moves
        -Arm drag often followed by a submission hold
        -Camel clutch
        -Clothesline, sometimes with high impact
        -Diving crossbody
        -Hanging vertical suplex
        -Headbutt, sometimes in a series while trapping the opponent's arms
        -Military press drop
        -Running powerbomb
        -Running shoulder block
        -Shoot kick to the head of a kneeling or seated opponent

(source: wikipedia)
Davey Smith signing autograph
Look at those muscular arms
Then,when I was 9, my father bought many more wrestling's CD, such as from the club WWF and ECW. I like WWF better than ECW. I watched a match between The Rock and Triple H (Triple H at this time acted as a villain character and The Rock acted as the good one). I took a liking at The Rock, obviously because he was potrayed as the 'Good' (face) character. At that time I didn't know that wrestling actually was an act. As a kid, for me, The Rock belonged to justice.

The Rock and his trademark eyebrow
Dwayne Douglas Johnson (born May 2, 1972),also known by his ring name The Rock, is an American actor and professional wrestler who is signed to the WWE (previously known as WWF), featured on its Raw brand.

    Finishing moves
       -People's Elbow/ Corporate Elbow (Feint high-impact elbow drop to the opponent's chest, with     
       -Rock Bottom(Lifting side slam) 1997–Present
       -Running shoulderbreaker– 1996–1997; used as a regular move from 1997–2003

    Signature moves
       -Maivia Hurricane / The Smack Down (Float-over DDT)
       -Flowing snap DDT, sometimes followed by a kip-up
       -Flying clothesline
       -Running swinging neckbreaker
       -Running thrust lariat
       -Samoan drop       
       -Sharpshooter– used as a tribute to Owen Hart from 1999 onwards; usually preceded by a Leg
       -Snap overhead belly-to-belly suplex, sometimes to an oncoming opponent

(source: wikipedia)
Formal attire
Ehem (cough)
Sorry I couldn't upload any pictures of The Rock during his match because if I do so the rating of this blog will be 18+.
Heck, why did I watch wrestling when I only 8 years old that time?

Aside from The Rock, I also like the big red machine, Kane.

Glenn Jacobs (Kane)

Glenn Thomas Jacobs (born April 26, 1967) is an American professional wrestler and actor better known by his ring name, Kane. He is signed to WWE, appearing on its SmackDown brand, but is currently inactive due to injury.
Jacobs began his wrestling career in 1992 working on independent circuits. He wrestled in Smoky Mountain Wrestling as Unabomb where he won the SMW Tag Team Championship as a member of The Dynamic Duo, and in the United States Wrestling Association where he won the USWA Heavyweight Championship as Doomsday. He later joined his current promotion, the World Wrestling Federation (which later became World Wrestling Entertainment in 2002) in 1995, where he wrestled under various gimmicks before debuting as his current character, Kane, in 1997. The character's half-brother is The Undertaker, with whom Kane has teamed up as the Brothers of Destruction. (source: wikipedia)

Kane with his mask during his early years in WWF
Kane's finishing move

Kane with his tag-team partner, Big Show (friends forever,hohoho ^^)
Undertaker (Kane's half-brother in the show) and Kane
Kane as The World Heavyweight Champion
    Finishing moves
        As Kane
            -Chokeslam from Hell (Chokeslam) - 1997–present
            -Last Ride (Elevated powerbomb) - adopted from The Undertaker, 2001
            -Tombstone Piledriver (Belly-to-belly kneeling piledriver) - adopted from The Undertaker,
        As Isaac Yankem
            -DDS (DDT)
        As Fake Diesel
            -Jacknife (Sheer-drop release powerbomb) – adopted from Diesel

    Signature moves
        -Back body drop
        -Backbreaker, sometimes followed by a submission
        -Big boot
        -Corner clothesline
        -Flying clothesline
        -Falling powerbomb
        -Military press drop
        -Multiple powerslam variations
        -Running low-angle dropkick to a seated opponent, normally preceded by a scoop slam or a
        -Tilt-a-whirl slam usually to smaller opponents
        -Two-handed chokelift
        -Uppercut, sometimes to the opponent's throat

(source: wikipedia)

Kane rarely talks,he talks only if necessary. He doesn't brag in the ring (like other WWE superstars always do). He rarely lose the match.

Last but not least is the awesome rapper, John Cena.
Everybody loves him. Including me.
John Cena
John Felix Anthony Cena (born April 23, 1977) is an American professional wrestler, actor, rapper, and television personality. He is currently signed to WWE as a member of its WWE Raw brand.
In WWE, Cena has won 19 championships in total, including 12 World Titles (having won the WWE Championship a record 10 times and the World Heavyweight Championship twice). In addition, Cena has also won the WWE United States Championship three times,and is a four-time Tag Team Champion, having held the World Tag Team Championship twice (once each with Shawn Michaels, and Batista),and the WWE Tag Team Championship twice (once each with David Otunga and The Miz). Cena also won the 2008 Royal Rumble match, and is a two-time Superstar of the Year Slammy Award winner (2009 and 2010).He also has the fourth highest number of combined days as WWE Champion behind Bob Backlund, Hulk Hogan & Bruno Sammartino.(source: wikipedia)

Strong looks
Cena with the WWE Champion belt
Finishing moves
       - Attitude Adjustment (formerly FU) (Fireman's carry transitioned into a takeover or a
         powerslam, sometimes from the second rope) – 2003–present
       - STF (formerly STFU) – 2005–present

    Signature moves
       -Diving leg drop bulldog
       -Dropkick, sometimes from the top rope
       -Emerald Flowsion
       -Fisherman suplex
       -Five Knuckle Shuffle (Running delayed fist drop, with theatrics)
       -Gutwrench suplex
       -Protobomb (Spin-out powerbomb)
       -Running leaping shoulder block
       -Running one–handed bulldog
       -Sitout hip toss
       -Rapper Punch ("You can't see me!" taunt followed by haymaker)
       -Spinebuster - 2002 - 2005 used rarely there after
       -Throwback (Running neck snap to a bent–over opponent)
       -Twisting belly to belly suplex

(source: wikipedia)

Cena is fan's favourite (including me). I think fans like him because he is potrayed as the nice guy in WWE. Cena rarely (almost never,except when his opponents cheated) lose in the match. He even won against Rey Mysterio (poor Rey,he held that title only for a short short time).Besides, Cena is also a fan of Japanese animation and has mentioned that his favorite animated movie is Fist of the North Star.

I also like woman wrestler.
Here are my favourite woman wrestlers:
Kelly Kelly
Melina Perez
Mickie James
Phew, believe me,it's hard to find a decent images of those three beauties.(I'm sure you know why)

That's all for now.
Thanks for reading.
Have a blessed day~^^

p/s:All photos are not mine

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