Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Ibanez AEG

Front view

The picture above is Ibanez AEG5EJP-BK acoustic guitar. It's the same model with the one I have. Pretty,isn't it? I started taking guitar lessons in May this year. I bought this guitar at Quartet Music Centre,Sandakan.
Why did I pick this guitar? I presume I picked it because of the colour. Well, I absolutely like black (after pink of course). Too bad I didn't see any pink guitar at that time. The price is quite reasonable, after all we are talking about Ibanez. I purchased it at RM 650. It came with a guitar bag, 5 guitar picks (different colours), and a set of guitar string. This is the perfect entry guitar if you are looking for the acoustic/electric hybrid. It has great sound both plugged and unplugged and it even has a built in tuner. It practically good for beginners since beginners rarely have a relative pitch to tune the guitar.
Oh, and I was tuning the high E back to standard when it snapped for the first time. But later it was changed (by my music teacher) with the string that came with the package. But then, almost two month after that, it snapped again and I was really devastated. Anyway my music teacher (again), helped me to change the string. And they live happily ever after...
The sound doesn't seems right. I may be new in playing guitar but I'm able to differentiate between good sound and ba...err...weird sound. The sound produced when I plucked the string doesn't sound nice. It's quite different from the previous string (I think it's because the previous string is the original string). It doesn't give a sharp sound when being plucked. The sound seems....unclear. And it mess up with the melody,obviously. I probably need to go to music store often and search for the same string I had before. Gonna take some time.

Okay people,have a blessed day!^^

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