Sunday, 20 November 2011

Gibson Les Paul

Okay,the picture above is Heritage Cherry Sunburst Gibson Les Paul Standard.The Gibson USA 2008 Les Paul Standard is an elegant revision of a true classic, with upgrades and new features that make it the best Les Paul Standard ever produced. Based on consumer feedback and a drive to uphold and enhance the legacy of the Les Paul Standard, Gibson USA’s 2008 model sets a new guitar benchmark for excellence and achievement. (source:

Again,why am I posting this?
Oh,I know,somehow,this electric guitar caught my attention when I was watching K-ON!
The guitar above is the same guitar played by the main character in K-ON!,Hirasawa Yui.
Yui,first time seeing her guitar at music shop and attracted to it

Yui sleeps with her guitar
Yui playing dress up with her guitar
From left to right: Nakano Azusa (rhythm guitar), Hirasawa Yui (lead guitar), and Akiyama Mio (bass)
Yui is the main character, guitarist,and lead vocalist. Having misunderstood that "light music" equals "easy music" (like whistling), she joined the Light Music Club and picked up guitar with absolutely no prior experience. She is the type of person who doesn't read manuals and relies on her own intuition and self taught approaches. Yui takes good care of her electric guitar- Gitah (she named her guitar), she sleeps with it, plays dress up with it, and even also have tea time with it.Yui is clumsy but kind-hearted.

Now,let's move to the price.
From what I found (from the internet,Gibson pages),the electric guitar cost $3899.
Now,that's in US dollar.Change in ringgit Malaysia and it will cost you RM10000++.
Good guitar comes with expensive price.

Have a blessed day~^^


  1. uish...betul ke tu harga gitar yg yui pakai tu?

    1. Dalam anime, harganya 250,000 yen yang bersamaan dengan RM 7791.72. Dalam satu page yg jual gitar Gibson (post yang saya tulis ni tahun 2011), waktu tu harganya $3899 dolar bersamaan RM 12377.38. Untuk lebih info boleh layari laman web ini dan ini
      Terima kasih kerana membaca.