Thursday, 23 August 2012

My Barbie

Today I have 8.
Yesterday I have 7.
It depends on my wallet.

I started collecting Barbie when I was 18.

Yes,I'm not joking!

I was 18 when I received Barbie as a birthday present from my bestfriend, Zulaikha.

My first Barbie,given by Zulaikha. Pretty,right? :)
The next year, I bought my first Barbie.

Also from fashionistas series
And my third and fourth Barbie...

Barbie fashionistas and Computer Engineer Barbie
My fifth Barbie was a present given to me by another bestfriend, Cynthia, on my 19th birthday.

Barbie I can be an Architect.Thanks Cynthia! ^^
After that, I bought my sixth and seventh Barbie as a gift to myself (for getting dean's list during exam).

Can you guess which are my sixth and seventh?
Before this I was determined to collect all the fashionistas Barbie, since they have bendable arms, legs,and wrists. Easy for me to put them on my table or inside my bookshelf.

But, suddenly something happened....

I found this baby and fell instantly in love with her...

My first Pink Label Barbie doll
This is the most expensive Barbie I've ever had. It cost me 55 Brunei dollar (I bought it at Brunei Darussalam). That's like RM 139.

The back of the doll box
Jane, outside the box
The doll came with a doll stand and a certificate of authenticity.

Doll stand

Certificate of authenticity



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