Saturday, 4 February 2012

True Love


I've finished reading 'True Love' three days ago.It's the most touching novel I've ever read in my entire life. I actually cried while reading it.

This awesome novel consisted of three novels,'Don't Die,My Love',' I'll Be Seeing You', and 'A Rose For Melinda'.

Don't Die,My Love

Synopsis: “Meant for each other.”. That's how Julie Ellis and Luke Muldenhower have always described themselves. In sixth grade Luke actually asked Julie to marry him; she just laughed. Now in high school, they are deeply in love.When Luke gets a virus and Julie persuades him to see a doctor,the test results are devastating. Is their love stronger than anything?

My review: Julie Ellis,a straight A 's student fell in love with Luke Muldenhower, a football player who played for Julie's father team. They knew each other since childhood and could not be separated. When Luke is diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma, a form of cancer that develops in the lymph system, both of them are devastated.But Julie's love for Luke is really strong since they've been together for three years. She doesn't want him to die.Luke tried hard to make Julie happy,such as planting tulips on the stadium, because he know Julie like flowers very much. Luke then in need for a bone marrow transplant since the cancer had attacked his bone marrow. In the end, Luke made a life-or-dead decision that would change his and Julie's life forever.


I'll Be Seeing You

Synopsis: Carley Mattea never expected to become friends with a boy as handsome as Kyle Westin-especially not in the hospital. She's keeping a secret from him, one that could jeopardize their relationship. Carley wants what's best for Kyle. But what is best for Carley?

My review: At the age of 12,Carley Mattea is diagnosed with cancer. Her once perfect face was tore in order to remove the tumor. As a result, she had to lose parts of facial bones, which could never be replaced. Her face was permanently disfigured and scarred. Carley lose her life as she start becoming a joke to her 'friends'. No one in the school would talk to her, no guy would ask her out. Her life changed when she met Kyle Westin, a guy who had to be hospitalised because he had accidentally burned his eyes while experimenting with rocket fuel. Devatasted, Kyle thought he's going to become blind. Carley befriend him after she was caught sneaking into Kyle's room. They became close to each other and because of Carley's positive personality, Kyle started to feel more optimist about his life. He took a liking to Carley and hope to introduce her to his family and friends. At first, Carley didn't agree and gave him many excuses but finally gave in to Kyle's request. But she didn't want Kyle's friend to tell Kyle how ugly she was so she asked her beautiful sister, Janelle, to act as if she was her. The plan succeed and Kyle's friends told him Carley is a beautiful girl.After she was well enough to be discharged from the hospital, Carley cut all contacts with Kyle and hope not to meet him again. She realised that she liked Kyle. However, one day Kyle call the bookstores where she worked and told her that he finally able to see again and he wanted to meet her.

Stars: 8/10

A Rose For Melinda

October 1

Dear Melinda,
I don't like school.But I like you.Do you like me?

Your friend,
October 1

Dear Jesse,
I like you.But I like school.Reading is the best part.

Your friend,

Synopsis: After Jesse and his mom move to California,he and his best friend, Melinda,bridge the miles with e-mail. When Melinda suddenly falls ill,her plans to become a prima ballerina are shattered. As Jesse and Melinda's bond grows even stronger,will their newfound love be enough to save Melinda?

My review: Childhood friends Jesse and Melinda could not be separated. When Jesse's mother and father divorced, Jesse usually is left at Melinda's house as her mother goes to work. Jesse and her mother move to California not long after the divorce, leaving Melinda and her family. But,they always keep in touch by sending letters and e-mail to each other. Soon Melinda was accepted into Washington School of Classical dance for its training program. She worked extremely hard while in there. One day, she collapsed and was brought to the hospital. She was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukimia. Her world shattered and her dreams of becoming a ballerina is robbed from her. But,she never gives up hope. Jesse rush to her side and soon both of them realised that they love each other. Melinda needed a bone marrow transplant. Her mother is her donor. But,something goes wrong during the isolation period and Melinda fell into coma. Will she ever survive?

Stars: 7/10

*Synopsis taken from the back of the book. Picture taken from


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